University of Erfurt

Projekt von Jordan Girardin M.A.

Travel in the Alps: the construction of a transnational space through digital and mental mapping (c. 1750s - c. 1830s)

This project investigates the Alps' growing popularity amongst foreign travellers during the Sattelzeit. It argues that this period, stretching from the 1750s to the 1830s, was key in order to turn the Alps into a popular, geographically identified and socially recognised space in continental Europe. Through the analysis of mental mapping in travel accounts, the project analyses the transmission of spatial representations from travelogue to travellers and so on. Through digital mapping, it will visualise large quantities of data to highlight which itineraries gave the Alps the reputation they needed in order to welcome a proper touristic economy after the 1830s. The project focuses on the northwestern corner of the Alps (from Savoy to Graubünden) as it argues that this corner in particular represented 'the Alps' at best in the minds of western European travellers (especially Britons, Parisians and non-Alpine Germanic travellers).



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