University of Erfurt

Projekt von Maria Fallica M.A.

Victorinus Strigel and the Fathers of the Church:Defining the Patristic inheritance of a Melanchthonian Reformer

The project that I will carry out in Gotha is dedicated to Victorinus Strigel (1524-1569), a German theologian and  Melanchthon’s pupil in Wittenberg, commonly known for his debate on the freedom of will and original sin with Matthias Flacius Illyricus. In that debate, while both theologians claimed Lutheran inheritance for their assumptions, they did not come to an agreement; Strigel’s positions being criticized for their “synergism”. My interest in Strigel is due to his Loci theologici, described as “the most important work of dogmatics of the school of Melanchthon in the narrower sense” (Kawerau). These Loci are arranged as amplifications, using classical, patristic and scriptural witnesses, of Melanchthon’s thought. This structure allows an investigation designed to understand the role of patristic authority in a thinker of the second generation of the Reformation. This investigation also tries to understand Strigel’s position in the wider context of the reception of the Origenian tradition in the 16th century amongst the Reformers, which is the subject of my Ph. D. dissertation. The goal of the project is to verify the explicit and implicit reception of Alexandrian texts of exegesis, anthropology, and hermeneutics in the Loci, and their coherence or strain with the Lutheran orthodoxy still in construction at the time.



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