The Herzog-Ernst-Scholarship


The Herzog-Ernst-Scholarship Programme at the Research Library Gotha and the Gotha Research Centre of the University of Erfurt aims to promote academic research by providing access to the resources of the Research Library and of the associated historic collection of the Justus Perthes Gotha Publishing House as well as collections held at Friedenstein Castle.
These resources pertain mostly to:

  • The ducal court in Gotha as an example for European court culture
  • History of publishing and book trade
  • History of science and cultures of knowledge as global history, history of transfer, and entangled history, 16th to 20th century
  • History of European literature, particularly 16th to early 19th century
  • Early Modern and 19th-century study of Classical religions, history of Protestantism, and Islam
  • Philosophy and history of the German and European Enlightenment
  • Heterodoxy, dissidence, and subversion
  • History of the humanities, e.g. numismatics, oriental studies, philology
  • History of natural science, e.g. alchemy, astronomy, and botany
  • The history of spatially oriented disciplines, 16th to 20th century, e.g. ethnology, geology, geography, and statistics
  • History of cartography and imperial history
  • Cartography and “critical geopolitics”
  • History of objects and the historical study of material culture

Research scholarships for PhD students will be awarded for periods of up to nine months (€ 1,300 per month) and postdoctoral scholarships for up to six months (€ 1,800 per month). Moreover, we welcome in particular applications corresponding to the following grant types: exploration stipends for PhD candidates embarking of their dissertation as well as “text and object” stipends for PhD candidates and postdocs, applying themselves to the relations between texts and objects. Applications for “profile stipends” for projects related to one of the research focuses at the Centre are likewise especially welcome.

Senior scholars are invited to apply for a Hiob-Ludolf-Fellowship (a monthly grant of up to € 1,500 for one or two months to help cover travel and boarding expenses).

In the case of visiting scholars with children, we offer a family allowance of € 100 per month. The Research Centre is particularly happy to receive applications by female scholars.


Herzog-Ernst Büste

Picture: Bust of Duke Ernst II in the Gotha Research Library.

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