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Lecture series in the winter semester 2023/24: New insights into the research of the Centre for Transcultural Studies

With the start of the winter semester 2023/24, the Centre for Transcultural Studies continues its two lecture series "Tuesday Talks" (Tuesdays, 6–8pm) and "Mappings" (Thursdays, 2–4pm), offering numerous insights into ongoing research.

The "Pagenhaus" at Friedenstein Castle in Gotha

The Centre for Transcultural Studies / Perthes Collection of the University of Erfurt cordially invites you to the "Tuesday Talks" on Tuesdays starting October 24th in the winter semester 2023/24. Cooperating with the Professorship for the History of Science and the Department of History at the University of Erfurt, as well as the Professorship for Modern History at the University of Göttingen, speakers from a variety of fields will give public lectures. In addition, the Centre will host the annual meeting of the TransArea Network Africa (TANA), an initiative to support and connect all projects of the German Archaeological Institute working in Africa, from November 22nd to 24th.

Other public lectures will be held on Thursday afternoons in the research seminar "Mappings: New History of Knowledge and Cartography" Topics include lectures on national political cartography, object biographies, marine cartography, history of environmental knowledge, and many more. Anyone interested – including students of any stage – are cordially invited to participate.

With the exception of the cooperative events in Erfurt, the events take place in Gotha, in the "Pagenhaus" of Friedenstein Palace. Some selected dates are also accessible hybrid (via WebEx). To register, please send an e-mail to: fkts.gotha@uni-erfurt.de.