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Degree seeking students

With approximately 5700 students, the University of Erfurt offers an outstanding atmosphere and location for both academic and social development. Registered refugees are also welcome to see what the University has to offer! Refugees can partake in courses as guest students, bachelor students, master students, and even doctoral students. With very few exceptions, studying at the University of Erfurt does not require tuition fees.

In order to begin a Bachelor program at the University of Erfurt, one must have a secondary school certificate equivalent to the German “Abitur”, in addition to the required level of German. Master program students must prove that they have completed a Bachelor program in good standing, and must also have the adequate level of German.

My secondary school certificate is equivalent to the German "Abitur".

At the following pages you'll find

My secondary school certificate is not fully recognized in Germany.

At these pages you'll get information about the respective assessment test ("Feststellungsprüfung") and the admission to the "Studienkolleg". Please note: The University of Erfurt is specialised in the arts and humanities with a particular focus on cultural and social sciences. Therefore it does not issue conditional letters of acceptance to the T-course of the Studienkolleg.

Guest students (without degree)

Participation as a guest student is one way to partake in lectures at the University of Erfurt. Status as a guest student is not limited by age, entrance qualifications (e.g. secondary school diploma), job status, location of residence, or other stipulations. All refugees are most welcome to partake in these lectures.

What means "Guest Students"?

Students will be registered as "Guest Students" in the lectures and will also receive a guest student identification. Guest students will participate with the other enrolled students during all lectures. Through this manner of participation, guest students can establish contact with professors and other enrolled students in order to garner a better understanding for future classes. As a guest student, one is also not required to submit any papers for assessment. Taking an exam at the end of the lecture period is also not a possibility. Guest students are unfortunately not entitled to participate in language, art, music, or sports courses.

How do I become a guest student? 

Guest students can enroll in lectures at the beginning of each semester. The lecture period during the winter semester starts at the beginning of October and ends in the middle of February. The lecture period during the summer semester starts at the beginning of April and ends in the middle of July.
In order to enroll in a lecture, one can choose any given lecture from the courses offered at the University of Erfurt. An overview of each lecture can be found in the course catalogue. Almost all lectures are taught in German, with a few exceptions taught in English. The language of the course is indicated in the course catalogue.
The 50€ guest student fee will be waived for all refugees. Please submit your application in person to the Studies and Learning Department (Dezernat 1: Studium und Lehre), along with a valid residence authorisation. The fee is waived only during the asylum procedure until obtaining a residence permit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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