Courses in the summer semester 2020


Old Testament: Stories and History - New Testament: Introduction to Hermeneutics and Interpretation of the New Testament
Friday 10.00-12.00

Introduction to the New Testament Gospels
Thursday 10.00-12.00

Jesus of Nazareth. Shape and claim
Thursday 08.00-10.00

The letter to the Galatians. Analysis and interpretation of selected passages
Thursday 14.00-16.00



Silent women, missionaries and rich patronesses. Women's roles in the New Testament
The seminar wants to familiarize with statements about women in the New Testament Scriptures. Starting from the texts, the various roles of women, the position of women in the early Christian communities and their significance for the spread of the Gospel will be examined and worked out.

Thursday 16.00-18.00


Advanced Seminar

Ekklesia: community, leadership, cult in early Christian times
For students who are writing their final thesis in New Testament exegesis as well as post-doctoral students doing their habilitation, licentiate students in New Testament exegesis. Other students can participate upon request. The advanced seminar analyses early Christian communities in the context of their world and time. It asks about analogies in the ancient environment and about the innovative potential of the Jesus movement. The seminar will be held in cooperation with New Testament chairs in Halle (Annette Weissenrieder) and Freiburg im Breisgau (Ferdinand R. Prostmeier) as a block event at the Leucorea Foundation in Wittenberg (22-23 May 2020).

This advanced seminar must be cancelled!

Lukas Griechisch

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