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Visiting Lecturers in the Master's Program Global Communication: Politics and Society

Regina Cazzamatta, M.A. | Brazil

"I am very proud of having studied and initiated my academic career in such an enthusiastic atmosphere" says Regina Cazzamatta (M.A.), who is an alumni of the MA Global Communication's precedent program and now pursuing her PhD at the University of Erfurt under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez. She is a former Deutsche Welle trainee, where she has worked in the African and Brazilian newsrooms, and the author of a book on foreign news reporting on Brazil in the German press ("Brasilien-Berichterstattung in der deutschen Presse"). Currently she is teaching a course on the Comparative Latin American Media Systems for our students. She shares her thoughts on the program with us. Thank you, Regina!

Collins G. Adeyanju (M.Sc., M.P.P.) | Nigeria

This semester, Collins G. Adeyanju (M.Sc., M.P.P.), alumnus of the Willy-Brandt-School Erfurt, is teaching a course for students of our program for the first time. He is a researcher at the Chair of Health Communication where his current research focus is on decision making through behaviour intention (health communication) in sub-Sahara Africa. Besides his research, Collins Adeyanju is a lecturer of Global Public Health and Systematic Review Method at the department of Media and Communication Science. Before his career lead him to Erfurt, he has worked for international donor agencies and the Federal Government of Nigeria as evaluation specialist and policy advisor.

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Guest Lecturers in the Module "Communication Research and Knowledge Transfer: Academic Consultation for Politics and Society"

Dr. Annika Schreiter | Evangelische Akademie Thüringen | Intercultural Education and Youth Communication | 02/2019

As part of the lecture „Knowledge Transfer“ by Prof. Dr. Hafez, our students went on an excursion to the „Protestant Academy of Thuringia“ (Evangelische Akademie Thüringen), which provides educational offers and civic education for youth and adults regardless of confesssion. Dr. Annika Schreiter, who is herself an alumni communication scholar of the university of Erfurt and the responsible for youth education, introduced the class to the concept of civic and democracy education and its long tradition in Germany. She highlighted new challenges in promoting political youth participation in times of changing communication behaviours and increasing right-wing populist attitudes. Her talk was accompanied by interesting insights in innovative digital and conventional approaches in civic youth education as well as a fruitful discussion with the class. Thank you for having us!

Sarmina Ferhad-Stavginski | GIZ | Development Communication | 01/2019

We had the chance to welcome Sarmina Ferhad-Stavginski, Senior Planning Officer at the Department for Governance and Conflict, German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), as part of the course "Communication Research and Knowledge Transfer: Academic Consultation for Politics and Society". Ms. Ferhad-Stavginski's field of work in the area of Good Governance and strategic communication aims at supporting the political participation of citizens and NGOs and facilitating strategic dialogues. For instance, her work contributed to the establishement of a Right to Information Law in a region of Pakistan which, among others, enabled young disabled women to use the internet without being harassed. Thank you for providing valuable impressions!

Collins G. Adeyanju, M.P.P. and Prof. Dr. Cornelia Betsch | University of Erfurt | Health Communication | 01/2019

We welcomed our two colleagues from the Master's program Health Communication, Collins G. Adeyanju, M.P.P. and Prof. Dr. Cornelia Betsch, to discuss various issues in Health Campaigning. Collins gave us interesting insights into the field of campaigning and borrowed from his experiences in the public health  sector in Nigeria and Germany. Prod. Dr. Cornelia Betsch introduced us to behavioural science tools and discussed not only health seeking behaviour but also the question of how to deal with fake news which become espacially important in the field of health campaigning. Thank you both for this fruitful cooperation! 

Mark Gärtner | Saxonian Refugee Council | PR for NGOs | 12/2018

In December 2018, Mark Gärtner from the Sächsischer Flüchtlingsrat e.V. (Saxonian Refugee Council) in Dresden, an NGO funded mainly by Pro Asyl and the federal state of Saxony, held a speech on how to design Public Relations for non-profit organizations. Gärtner was invited in the context of the course "Communication Research and Knowledge Transfer: Academic Consultation for Politics and Society" to shed light on how to promote the cause of an NGO that seeks to support refugees, but has limited ressources available and operates in an extremely heated political environment. The speaker made clear that successfull PR must be based on an integrated strategy of interactive political lobbying and persuasive means of PR through viral marketing and personal media networks. Thanks for the interesting and ambitious speech!

Jürgen Hogrefe | Business Communication with the Arab World | 12/2018

We invited Mr. Jürgen Hogrefe, director of the Berlin company "hogrefe consult" as a guest lecturer recently. Hogrefe, a former journalist of "Der Spiegel" and later member of the board of directors of the energy trust ENBW, delivered a speech in the context of a seminar on knowledge transfer in which he laid out his experiences in dealing with the Arab world, especially with Qatar. Hogrefe's work is situated at the crossroads of global networking, market investigation and marketing in German-Arab business relations. Since political and cultural relations between the countries are usually quite tense, in-depth information about the respective social and historical contexts is an important part of the job of an international consultant that also contains moral dilemmata in dealing with both neo-colonial and autocratic patterns of interest. We are indebted to Mr. Hogrefe for offering valuable insider perspectives to the students!

Andreas Kindl | Federal Foreign Office | Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Interaction | 11/2018

Students and lecturers of the MA programme "Global Communication: Politics and Society" visited the Auswärtiges Amt, the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. They were hosted by the Director of Strategic Communication, Andreas Kindl, who gave an introduction into the main aspects of public diplomacy, its core assets and techniques. Issues like the battle against fake news and the reform of the German regional information centres were mentioned. The changing role of ambassadors from diplomats to information managers were analyzed and the "hot issues" like the relationship betweeen politics and morality and the link between public diplomacy and real politics were debated. A general impression was that the students from Kommunikationswissenschaft Universität Erfurt received a very authentic insight into internal as well as external communicative aspects of foreign relations. We like to express our thanks to all participants and to Andreas Kindl and his staff for a warm welcome and an open and insightful discussion.

Michael Hasenbeck and Mirjam Kruppa | Thuringian State Chancellery | Domestic Policy: Political Diversity Management | 10/2018

In early November 2018, we visited the Thüringer Staatskanzlei (State Chancellery of Thuringia). After a lecture by goverment official Michael Hasenbeck, the students had the opportunity to critically discuss recent ideas on anti-racist public campaigns and other aspects of public policies together with Hasenbeck and Mirjam Kruppa, the special representative for migration and integration of the government. The students also got an insight into the communicative challenges for politicians with regard to their social media usage and the various new ways of citizen-state-dialogues. We like to express our thanks to all participants and the Staatskanzlei - in particular to the organizer Anja Salberg - for a vivid discussion and the opportunity to learn and share ideas.



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