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With reference management programs

  • you can export and administrate bibliographic data of books, articles and other publications;
  • you can create bibliographies for academic papers comfortably and according to a citation style of your choice.

Many databases and catalogues offer the possibilitv of automatic export of bibliographic data into reference  management programs. Please note the "Export", "Save" or "Download" fields.
Reference management programs are useful when the number of bibliographic data is growing and the handling of simple reading lists becomes too confusing.

Reference Management Programs at a Glance

BiblioexpressFree, English language program for collecting literature references of different types.
BibliographixProgram for administrating citations. The Basic version with some limited features is available for free.
CitaviA commercial reference management program including additional functions such as knowledge organization and task planning. The program is available as a free version with limited scope, as well as a fee-based full version.
A free Campus licence for Citavi is available for members of Erfurt University.

Citavi is also accessible at the PCs and terminals with personal login in the library.


A commercial bibliographic management program that allows you to search in online databases and to create / manage bibliographic databases. Endnote is available as a campus license for Erfurt University.
Connection file for the online-catalogue: you can create a separate connection (connection) by copying the  Connection file for GVK, save it under a new name and only adapt the following specification under "Connection Settings": Database name : ube_opc

ZoteroFree extension (Add-On) for the Firefox web browser for collecting, managing, and citing various sources. It supports the administration of bibliographic information and reading lists. With Zotero you can connect a separate resolver on specific settings. When you enter the link resolver URC "", you can directly retrieve the holdings with the "Find" button.

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Reference management programs and OpenURL

In reference management programs such as Endnote or Citavi and OpenURL SFX - there is the option of checking the availability of documents in full-text, in your library or by inter-library loan.



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