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Lending period, renewals, reservations

Lending period

28 days

For books and other media (reading room, textbook collection, closed stacks, multi-media centre)
published after 1850

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Items not for loan

Not for loan are:

These items are for use in the library only. Books and journals published before 1851 are available in our special collections reading rooms (UB Erfurt (Amploniana) / FB Gotha).

Textbook collection:
Books from the textbook-collection are for loan only to students and staff of Erfurt University.

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The lending period can be renewed twice, if 
•    the work has not been reserved
•    the user account is not blocked.
If you need items for a longer time, please submit them to the issue desk first for further borrowing.

Renewal Options:


user account
Go to "loans" and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • 0361 / 737-5830 (UB Erfurt)
  • 0361 / 737-5540 (FB Gotha)
E-Mail (UB Erfurt) (FB Gotha)

*The service for customers on site has priority, so a renewal by telephone can not be guaranteed.

E-mail reminder

Students of the University get an automated e-mail-reminder 2 days before the borrowed items are due for return.
External users may use this free service if they leave a valid e-mail-address with the library. Please note that you are still responsible for returning items on time, even if e-mails do not arrive.

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Items on loan may be reserved on the  online-catalogue. To place a reservation you need your user number and password. It is possible to cancel a reservation via the borrower's account. As soon as the reserved item is ready for collection, it will appear in your account under "loans".
Students and staff of Erfurt University are notified by e-mail. External users leaving an e-mail address with the library are also notified free of charge. In all other cases reservation fees are charged (postage).

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