University of Erfurt

Laptop Check-List

Please check whether your personal laptop meets the following requirements before using it for Internet access in the library:

Technical Requirements for using WLAN
Current and active Virus Scanner:
We recommend the installation of the anti-virus software Avira AntiVir® PersonalEdition with automatic update.
Current Operating System:
Please ensure that you install current security updates and patches for your Operating System (e.g. Windows XP or Vista) regularly.
Current and active firewall (e.g. Windows Firewall)

In addition:

Do not install any programs if you are not sure about their function and what they do.
Do not open e-mails or e-mail attachments from unknown recipients.
Open e-mail attachments only if you are certain that they do not contain any virus, or save the e-mail attachments onto the hard disk in order to give the active virus scanner the opportunity to check them.

For questions or problems please contact the University's IT-Centre



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