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thoska at the library

Staff and students of Erfurt University may have their thoska (Thüringer Hochschul- und Studentenwerkskarte) registered as library card. The thoska is accepted as library-card at all universities in Thuringia. It also serves as copy-card.
If you are a member of Erfurt University you can have your thoska  registered as library-card at the issue-desk. In this case your present library card has to be returned.
At the moment there is no obligation to change your present library card to thoska.

Reference Collection

For reference collections your present special library-card remains valid.

Loss of card

If you have lost your thoska, please contact the  thoska-office at the university immediately to prevent any misuse. For registering a new thoska as library-card, please contact the issue desk.

Further questions

For further information or in case of any questions please contact the thoska-office at the university.



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