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Manuscripts Occidental: The Western Manuscript Collection of the Research Library

The Research Library has written records covering a period of 13 centuries:

  • 7,940 Western manuscripts: from illustrated medieval Prachtkodizes to contemporary manuscripts in voluminous anthologies up to individually bound booklets, written in Latin, German, Greek, French, Italian.
    The broad range of the stock includes religion and theology, entertainment and education, Historical bibles and chronicles, pilgrimages and travel reports to adventure novels and farces.
  • more than 11,000 emigrants letters: correspondences starting from 1820, by Germans who emigrated to America with relatives or friends in Germany
  • 130 legacies of writers, scientists, librarians, cartographers and cultural associations
  • Approximately 1,400 music sheets from the composer Bach‚Äôs family, of the Bohemian and Thuringian music history as well as of the Gotha court orchestra.




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