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In the long run, we aim to index all oriental manuscripts in the Database of Oriental Manuscripts at Gotha Research Library, based on Wilhelm Pertsch's catalogues and taking into account the most recent technical and codicological developments. At the end of this project, the database will contain detailed descriptions of all Oriental manuscripts held at Gotha and will be an indispensable tool for researchers as well as the interested public to access the collection.

Secondary notes in Oriental Manuscripts

Project Start: 2013; Project End: 2015

In cooperation with the University of Leipzig and as part of the ESF project "Wissensrohstoff Text" the secondary notes of more than 3000 Oriental manuscripts were indexed in the Database of Oriental Manuscripts of Gotha Research Library. Apart from the indexing of reader, ownership and waqf statements, as well as of entries related to the transmission of the manuscripts, the persons mentioned in the notes are - as far as possible - also contextualized by biographical data and secondary literature. This information which is important for the history and transmission of the respective manuscript can be searched through filters.

The indexing of the secondary notes not only facilitates research on the book and library culture in the Islamic Middle East, but also contributes substantially to the social history of the region.

Sponsor: Europäischer Sozialfonds
Investigator:  Boris Liebrenz



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