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The research library has, with the Ducal and the Gymnasial collection a rich collection of historical maps and atlases (Geogr shelfmarks and E, city views under Opp).

Since 2003, it has preserved the historical collections of the geo-cartographic publisher Justus Perthes Gotha, whose publications in the 19th Century have shaped the scientific image of the world. This includes a unique collection of maps of 185,000 sheets. The collection was acquired by the state of Thuringia with the help of the Cultural Foundation of the Länder.

Additional information: Collection Perthes


  • The maps and atlases of the Perthes collection can be searched for in the card catalogue IKAR and are later available in the online catalogue.
  • More maps in the library can be found in the handwritten and printed catalogues.

The maps of Perthes collection can be viewed on request.
The maps and atlases of the research library can be viewed in the Special Reading Room.



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