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Old Prints

The Gotha Research Library maintains approximately 350,000 documents from the period before 1900. Of these, about 1,086 prints from the 15th Century, 24,800 from the 16th Century, 70,900  from the 17th Century and 87,200 from the 18th Century.
The Ducal House of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg saw itself as the guardian of Lutheranism and as a learned court. Therefore, the principally universally collecting court library developped special priorities:

  • Emergence and consolidation of Lutheranism,
  • Pietism,
  • French Enlightenment (Philosophy and Literature)
  • Court culture.

In addition the Research Library preserves

  • Writings from the beginnings of pedagogy and popular education, 
  • Prints of the early history of the national movement and the parties,
  • German literature,
  • a historically evolved collection of music,
  • a theatre library.

Especially prolifically represented text genres are

  • about 65,000 dissertations,
  • approximately 11,500 funeral sermons,
  • approximately 3,800 hymnals,
  • about 1,000 dissertations.




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