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Prints from the 17th Century

The research library has about 70,900 prints, which have been created between 1601-1700.
They originate mainly from the Ducal and the Gymnasial Collection

The focus is on works of orthodox Lutheranism and the controversial theological literature.

Furthermore, the Research Library has:

  • extensive literature on Pietism,
  • numerous dissertations,
  • occasional writings and
  • a significant number of prints on the state, law and cult

The percentage of Latin works amounts to around 59%, the proportion of German to 35%. The rest is in other European languages.


  • The prints are researchable through the online catalogue.
  • In addition, printed works in the German language (88%) are also opened in VD17 catalogue. The prints of the UFB are already selected via Advanced Search.

The prints can be viewed in the Special Reading Room.



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