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Private Libraries in the Age of Enlightenment

Abbildung: Privatbibliotheken

The Gotha Court and the Electoral Mainz Lieutenancy in Erfurt under Karl Theodor von Dalberg (d. 1817) played in the 18th Century an important role in the reception and propagation of Enlightened thought. Testimonies of this fruitful reception are in the private libraries of duchesses, dukes and the governor, now preserved in the UFB. As part of the project “Cataloguing the private libraries of the Enlightenment", funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft the approximately 25,000 surviving titles from the private libraries are recorded in the online catalogue of printed documents in the Manuscript Database of UFB and developed according to the standards of the Association Old Prints of the Common Library Network and the Classification System of the Ducal Collection, by subject-fields and after provenances. The bibliographic information contains selected key pages as images. The handwritten catalogues of private libraries are provided in the course of the project in the electronic text archive of UFB as digital documents and linked with the traditional titles in the online catalogue.



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