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Subjects and Classifications

Ducal Classification System (Prints of the 15th Century to 1945)

The literature of the Ducal collection is structured according to the functional groups of the old court library. The shelfmark refers to the location on the bookshelf, thematically related works are placed close to each other and have similar shelfmarks.

The Ducal Classification System is offered in the online-catalogue of the library.

RVK – Regensburg Association Classification (Prints published from 1851 until today)

The Regensburg Association Classification (RVK) is a common library system in the German language area, after which the FB Gotha sets up their media in the open access area. RVK  comprises 33 major fields of knowledge that are usually each associated with a letter of the alphabet. All the major fields of knowledge are subdivided into letters and numbers.


Subject represented
by letter and number
NWHistory Social and Economic History
NW 8150History of the children, the family


Via RVK-Online it is possible to determine the appropriate letter and number representation for a desired topic.



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