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Annick De Houwer, PhD., Professor

University Professor

Mitarbeitergebaeude 1, Room  511

Annick De Houwer, PhD, has been invited to speak across the globe. Her textbooks and research
papers on early child bilingualism are used as teaching materials all over the
world. In addition to bilingual acquisition, her numerous publications cover Dutch
child language, attitudes towards child language, teen language, and
intralingual subtitling. She has also carried out a macrosociological survey of
home language use by 74,000+ individuals.
Her recent research focuses on the role of input in bilingual acquisition and on
bilingual families' well-being. She has recently initiated HaBilNet, the Harmonious Bilingual Network. Dr. De Houwer leads a multilingual life and has extensive editorial experience. Dr. De Houwer has been a member of MultiLing, the Center of Excellence for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan in Oslo, Norway, since it kicked off in 2012. She is also a consultant for one of the projects at MultiLing, namely for MultiFam, a project on family language policy in multilingual transcultural families. 

At the University of Erfurt, Dr. De Houwer is primarily engaged with teaching in the Master Program for Applied Linguistics and in the doctoral program on competence in language (click here for
information in German on this "Nachwuchskolleg Sprachbeherrschung")



Research projects

"ToddleTalk" is our Research Project on early English-German bilingualism. 

Check out our project page


We are also working on a project on early Polish-German bilingualism. Check out the information flyer here.

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