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You can edit your personal data here. You can determine here whether your data should be displayed or not.

Please note: Changes on this page automatically affect the display of your data on the entire website. If you do not opt-in, no information about you can be displayed on the website. The embedded business cards depend on the role you have defined, so if you delete a role, the business card information will be deleted as well.

English data cannot be edited

Currently only the German data sets can be edited. To make changes to the English information, please send us an email to

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Information according to Art. 13/14 GDPR (data protection declaration)

The central maintenance of the accessibility data of persons ensures a uniform presentation and, above all, up-to-date output on all websites where it is needed and should be displayed.  The basis is a database within the Web-CMS TYPO3. The photos are stored in a separate TYPO3 folder. Please send photos to typo3@uni-erfurt, stating the name of the person concerned.

Name and address of the responsible person

Verwaltungsgebäude / Raum 1.40

Name and address of the Data Protection Officer

Ute Winter
Data Protection Officer
(University of Erfurt)
Kommunikations- und Informationszentrum (KIZ) / Room 1.21

Legal basis

Accessibility data is provided as necessary. The legal basis is ThürHG §11 (2). Thus the following data may be published without consent:

  • Name
  • Position, title and function
  • Telephone and fax number
  • E-mail address, Internet address

For the additional, voluntary information, publication is based on Article 6, 1a) DSGVO.

Stored information
The initial filling of the database with first and last names as well as business e-mail addresses is done from the central university directory LDAP.
The data is supplemented on a voluntary basis with photos and other information such as office hours. Preference is given to using the functional e-mail address for the respective role of the person instead of the personal e-mail address. This is only displayed if no functional e-mail address is entered.
Each person can edit their own data (except photos*) via a login-protected front-end form.  Publication will be made within the limits of what is necessary (see legal basis). Voluntary information can be added by the persons themselves. Consent is also given via this front-end form. The date of consent is stored in the database with a time stamp. If consent is revoked, the display of all contact data immediately disappears from the websites where it is integrated.
For external persons (e.g. committee members), alumni / emeriti, written consent is obtained. They cannot maintain their data themselves.

Data deletion and storage duration
The personal data of the person concerned will be deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose of the storage no longer applies. Furthermore, data may be stored if a written declaration of consent is available. (Link to the form add).
Voluntary data can be deleted by the persons themselves. The data will be deleted from the database after a certain period of time (please specify) (e.g. when the person leaves the service, when there is no longer a need for it and when no consent is given for further publication).

Rights of data subjects:
You have the right of access to your stored data. You can exercise the right to deletion, revocation of your data protection consent and corrections yourself via the web form. Former users who have given their written consent should contact:
They have the right to complain to the competent supervisory authority.
You can also contact the University of Erfurt's data protection department datenschutz@uni-erfurt.deat any time.