City Walks

With the City Walks, we – the core members of the Religion and Urbanity research group – seek to discover those spaces in Erfurt which show us and our fellows how religion and urbanity have coalesced in Erfurt ever since it became a city. Each walk highlights one aspect of our research interests – be it how religious actors and spaces have influenced Erfurt’s topographical, architectural and social set up, how the co-use of city space was negotiated, how religious spaces today are configured, or how the Erfurt’s identity as the “city of flowers” plays itself out in present-day urban development projects. Each station of a city walk are prepared by different members of the Religion and Urbanity group; Sara Keller, Martin Christ and Jörg Rüpke co-ordinate the walks. In 2020, our city walks were part of the DFG’s event series “Für das Wissen entscheiden”.

Lived Religion, 04.06.2019
Transformations of Religious Spaces, 18.07.2019
Sacred Places and Their Co-Use, 26.11.2019
Place Making, 30.06.2020
Another Erfurt, 14.10.2020
Urban Development & BUGA 2021: Along the Gera, 14.05.2021