• Interview with Markus Schulz on his research and his experience as a Fellow within the MWK-Fellows-COFUND Fellowship Programme at the MWK
  • Barbara Thériault contributed a text to the newspaper "Brücke. Erste Erfurter Straßenzeitung": “Na, wie findet ihr ihn? Über Schicksalsglaube und die
    Liebe im Osten”, Brücke. Erste Erfurter Straßenzeitung, 115: 43-44.
  • Interview with Tiziana Faitini about her academic career, her stay at Max- Weber- Kolleg and her current research project, June 2019
  • In his article An Atheist with a Tall Hat On: The forgotten history of Agnosticism Nathan G. Alexander is reviving the history of Agnosticism in order to state that the distinction between atheism and agnosticism is “really about class and politics, not substance", February 2019


  • Short article about the start of the third year of COFUND- Fellows at Max- Weber- Kolleg, October 2018
  • Interview with Juhi Tyagi by the Blog for Transregional Research about her current research projects and the academic or personal inspirations that led to her current research, October 2018
  • Article about Gábor Gángó's important Leibniz- research recovery published in the 'Nachrichten aus den staatlichen Archiven Bayerns' (engl.: News from the archives of the Bavarian State), June 2018
  • Article about the Altstadtapotheke in Erfurt being certified as the first 'breastfeeding friendly pharmacy' in Germany. Giulia Pedrucci supported the pharmacy during this process. Furthermore she organized the international workshop "Breastfeeding(s) and Religions" together with Olivera Koprivica, in the course of which the certification took place, 17.07.2018
  • Interview with Juhi Tyagi with the local radio- station Radio F.R.E.I. about her research issue and methodology, her approach to the relation between science and political activism and her thoughts on the lack of diverse and heterogeneous places in Erfurt, 19.05.18
  • Interview with Alexander Jordan about his stay in Erfurt and his study on Hegelian philosophy and its reception in Germany, March 2018
  • Interview with Juhi Tyagi about her stay in Erfurt and her study on how armed peasant movements impact state- capital trajectories and forward peasant interest, Feburary 2018 (in German)
  • Interview with COFUND- Fellow Giulia Pedrucci about her stay in Erfurt and her study on parenting strategies in the Greek and Roman Worlds, 02.01.2018



  • Article about the start of COFUND- Programme with a short introduction of the first COFUND- Fellows and their studies at Max- Weber- Kolleg, 12.09.16