27. Jun 2022 - 1. Jul 2022 | Internal service, Research, University, Studies, Central events

Board elections 2022

University of Erfurt
Event type
for members of the university

The 2022 committee elections, in which representatives for all groups are elected for the Senate, the Equal Opportunity Advisory Board, the College Council and the Faculty Councils, as well as a new Assistants' Council and a new PhD students' representation, will take place from 27 June to 1 July 2022 as an internet-based online election.

Information on the 2022 committee elections - Who to vote for? Who can vote? How to vote? - can be found on our login-protected election pages in the internal service area (intranet).

to the election website
Jens Panse
Election Office
(Department 2: Human Ressources)
Verwaltungsgebäude / Raum 1.22