University of Erfurt

Attraction, Repulsion, and Indifference - a comparative analysis of world relations

This research project will enable the implementation of a long-term research program on the topic of "attraction, repulsion, and indifference - a culture-comparative analysis of world relations". This research program connects to the interdisciplinary research at the Max Weber Kolleg in which various historical perspectives in cultural and social studies are compared. The goal is to open up innovative perspectives from a specific access point rooted in the sociology of Max Weber which aims to overcome the Eurocentric as well as cognitively narrow perspectives. This holistic approach is intended to contribute to crafting a solution to the socially relevant problems of the present; for example, to the problem of understanding the role of material, ideal and cultural conditions for the successful coexistence of communities in pluralistic societies and the creation of a common language ​​for the narrative development of a culture’s heritage and for the ability to communicate the essential value-complexes of modernity.

PD Dr. Bettina Hollstein, last update: 6.08.2019



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