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Welcome to the Founders Service of the University of Erfurt.

Our vision - The "Social Impact Campus"

We want to promote innovative, responsible and intercultural action with a Social Founder Campus at the University of Erfurt. 
The combination of sustainable and scalable business brings financial, ecological and ethical benefits into harmony.



Lukas Mundelsee, psychologist and research assistant at the professorship for inclusive educational processes with a focus on emotional and social development at the University of Erfurt, has been working as a systemic consultant for several years -…

The current EXIST annual issue 2021 focuses on the topics of artificial intelligence and impact start-ups. What special challenges do start-ups face? What can universities do to make it easier for both AI and impact startups to become self-employed?…

"In five years, we want to have built a brand that makes us the leading gender equality and STEM company in Europe," they say confidently. "We want to reach as many children as possible and be trusted by companies and governments to have a positive…

Creating positive impulses for a society, the environment and of course your own customers with entrepreneurial activity is a high priority, especially for young founders.

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