1. Dec 2020, 8.00 pm | Faculty of Philosophy, Knowledge, Spaces, and Media

Diskussionsveranstaltung zum Konflikt in Äthiopien

Historisches Seminar
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public with registration

Against the background of the current situation in Ethiopia, the History Department of the University of Erfurt invites you to an online discussion event with discussants from Ethiopia and Germany, who will provide a historically sound, politically informed and personal insight into the complex situation and explain the background of the conflict.

The event will take place online with a limited number of participants. To register, please send an informal e-mail with the subject "Äthiopien" to the following address: philfak.travellingobjects@uni-erfurt.de.

Akademischer Rat für Europäische Geschichte in Globaler Perspektive
(Historisches Seminar)
Lehrgebäude 4 / Raum 120
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