Faculty Council

As a self-governing body below the central structure (§§ 40 I, 38 ThürHG i.V.m. § 13 GO-UE), the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Philosophy performs the tasks of the university on its own responsibility in accordance with the Basic Regulations.


The Faculty Council meets in different compositions, which result from §40 ThürHG in conjunction with §13 II, V GO-UE. §13 II, V GO-UE.

Permanent Faculty Council

The permanent faculty council consists of 8 voting members according to §40 I 1 ThürHG i.V.m §13 II S. 1 GO-UE. It is chaired by the dean (§13 III S. 2).

Chair: Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmolinsky

2 members from the group of university teachers
Prof. Dr. Patrick Rössler
Prof. Dr. Bärbel Frischmann

2  members from the group of academic employees
Dr. Christian Oertel
Dr. Theresia Piszczan

2 members from the group of students
Laura Annabel Saalfeld
Maik Alexandi

2 members from the group of employees in technology and administration
Constanze Tobias-Wagner
Simone Carrara

Extended Faculty Council

For decisions according to §40 I S. 2 ThürHG in conjunction with. §13 II S. 2 GO-UE the Faculty Council meets in an extended composition. In addition to the members of the Permanent Faculty Council, there will be 5 further voting members from the group of university teachers.

Prof. Dr. Christiane Kuller
Prof. Dr. Katharina Waldner
Prof. Dr. Gila Schauer
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Martschukat
Prof. Dr. Holt Meyer

Large Faculty Council

In the case of a resolution on the formation of the appointment committees or on the proposal lists for appointments, all members of the group of university professors have the right to vote in the Permanent Faculty Council (§13 V GO-UE).

Further Information

Tasks and responsibilities

In particular, the Faculty Council is responsible

  • for the formation of appointment committees
  • for decision-making on appointment proposals,
  • for study and examination matters,
  • for research matters,
  • for resolutions on examination and study regulations and internal faculty statutes, and
  • for the election of the dean.

Furthermore, the Faculty Council cooperates with the other self-governing units of the university, in particular with regard to the content of the organization of teaching, studies, research and continuing education (§38 III, IV ThürHG).

Legal Basis