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New series of events: "Vietnamese Life in Erfurt"

Under the title "Vietnamese Life in Erfurt", the Oral History Research Unit at the University of Erfurt invites you to a series of events that aims to give until now little-known (life-)stories a space in Erfurt's cityscape and to counteract racially motivated prejudices.

The aim is to address in particular people who have so far felt excluded from cultural education opportunities. Among others, Asian and migrant groups in the city are invited, but also the broad urban society – people from all ages and educational backgrounds. Admission to the events is free. The following events are planned:

April 29, 4–7 p.m.: Kick-off event with the HỘI NGƯỜI VIỆT NAM ERFURT (Vietnamese Association of Thuringia): introduction to the topic and traditional dance | Culture Center"Asia Großmarkt" | An der Lache 39, 99086 Erfurt

May 13, 1–5 p.m.: Anti-racism workshop with Vũ Vân Phạm: "Vietnamese contract labor and community in East Germany: looking at pogroms and anti-Asian racism" | registration at: OH.Forschungsstelle@uni-erfurt.de required | Neighborhood Center "Berolina" | Berliner Platz 11, 99091 Erfurt | (max. 20 participants possible)

June 16, 5–7 p.m.: Panel discussion on „Viet German Life in Transformation“| District Library Berliner Platz | Berliner Platz 1, 99091 Erfurt | (max. 50 participants possible)

June 29, 3–5 p.m.: Online lecture and subsequent discussion with Dr. Thuc Linh Nguyen Vu about Vietnamese communities in Poland| The event will be held in English. | Access: https://www.conf.dfn.de/stream/nr5oyh6ehequv

July 12, 4–6 p.m.: Narrative Café on the topic of foreign students in the GDR | Ateliercafé of the Bauhaus University Weimar | Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 6a, 99423 Weimar (in the courtyard of the main building)

September 2, 3–5 p.m.: Storytelling Café for former contract workers and migrants who came to Erfurt in GDR times/the 1990s, and all those who want to talk about their "arrival" in Erfurt | Neighborhood Center "Berolina" | Berliner Platz 11, 99091 Erfurt | (max. 30 participants possible)

September 15, 5–7 p.m.: Reading with author Công Tiến Nguyễn |book "Gastland": short stories about the Vietnamese diaspora in Germany | Neighborhood Center "Berolina" | Berliner Platz 11, 99091 Erfurt | (max. 30 participants possible)

September 29, 6–9 p.m.: Closing with film clips from the film "Lonig & Havendel" and subsequent discussion with the director Claudia Tuyết Scheffel | Neighborhood Center "Berolina" | Berliner Platz 11, 99091 Erfurt | (max. 30 participants possible)

The event series takes place in cooperation with the following partners: Asia Market Erfurt; HỘI NGƯỜI VIỆT NAM ERFURT (Vietnamese Association Thuringia); Stadtteiltreff Berolina; City Library Berliner Platz; Initiative "Blinde Flecken" Erfurt; Wissenschaftliche Koordinationsstelle Erfurt und Jena "Koloniales Erbe Thüringen"; Bauhaus University Weimar; Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Thüringen; Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Thüringen. It is funded by the research network "Dictatorship Experience and Transformation"; the Federal Ministry of Education; the Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt and the Local Action Plan against Right-Wing Extremism of the City of Erfurt.

+++ Attention, for the events, for which there are only limited places, registration is recommended at e-mail: OH.Forschungsstelle@uni-erfurt.de.+++

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