1. Alumni meeting in 2017

The MESH master program celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2017. A great opportunity for a reunion and a collective review of the MESH master program. For the first time, the Chair of West Asian History invited its graduate students to an internal alumni meeting in December 2017. After the former students arrived on Friday, a joined dinner at a Lebanese restaurant awaited them.

On Saturday - at the conference room of the small synagogue Erfurt - the event moved on to an introduction section of the participants and a panel discussion. Undergraduates of the MESH master program also attended the Saturday afternoon event. Central aspects of the panel discussion included past experiences of the master program by graduate students and information for possible career paths. Those potential career paths benefited from the solid qualification provided by the master program. In addition, the plenum exchanged views on topics and activities for the next alumni meeting in 2018.

Finally, the alumni meeting reached its evening section. At the Café Nerly former students of the MESH master program had time and space for networking projects. In retrospect, the first alumni meeting established a solid foundation for networking and dialogue among graduate students. A foundation that also rewards the Chair of West Asian History for following collaborations with its graduate students.

Review of the meeting by alumni

Philipp: “The alumni meeting was ideal for networking and had plenty insights of life’s journey which was made possible by the master’s program. To illustrate these numerous opportunities and to pass on ones personnel experience to new graduates and undergraduates, the meeting should be held regularly.”

Christian: “Very well organized! It was a wonderful opportunity for skilled and professional exchange among former companions. It was a warmly feeling between the people, who made the same experiences and who shared their adventures.”

Felix: “Even though many different generations of students have come together, some of whom did not know each other or saw each other before, all of us shared experiences and anecdotes we made in the Lebanon and at the Chair of West Asian History.”