Teresa Teklić, M.A.

Researcher, Lecturer, PhD Candidate 

Portrait Shot Teresa Teklic

Academic Bio

04/2019–03/2020 | Pre-doc Scholarship (Start-up Grant of the Doctoral Program for Literary Studies), University of Basel

10/2015–09/2017 | Research Assistant and Research Associate for Prof. Dr. Sieglinde Lemke at the Chair of North American Studies, University of Freiburg

2015 | DAAD PROMOS Grant (Internship in Montreal, Canada)

2014–2016 | Tutor for the lectures "Introduction to Literary Studies" and "Introduction to Cultural Studies," English Department, University of Freiburg

2013–2017 | Master of Arts in British and North American Cultural Studies at the University of Freiburg
Master Thesis: “Exploring the Metamodern: Irony and Sincerity in the Works of Jonathan Franzen and Miranda July”

09/2011–06/2012 | Undergraduate Studies in English and Philosophy at the University of Sheffield, UK
ERASMUS scholarship

03/2011–09/2011 | Student Assistant for Prof. Dr. Sabine Sielke at the Chair of North American Studies, University of Bonn

2009–2013 | Bachelor of Arts in English Studies and Philosophy at the University of Bonn


  • „Lüge und Authentizität im zeitgenössischen amerikanischen Roman: Einige Überlegungen“
    Gastvortrag im Seminar „Alles echt erfunden – Zur gesellschaftlichen Produktion von Authentizität“, Soziologie, Univ. Basel, 12. Dez. 2019
  • “Are Luke Turner and Andy Holden David F. Wallace’s New “anti-rebels”? An Attempt at Shedding Some Light on the Relationship of the ‘New Sincerity’ and ‘Metamodernism’“
    International Conference "New Sincerity: Self-Expression in North American Culture", Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, January 24–26, 2019
  • “The Stories We Tell: Cultural Activism in Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher’s Art Project Learning To Love You More
    “The Revolution Will Not Be Peer-Reviewed: American Disconnects and the Production of Knowledge” — 10th Graduate School Conference of the John F. Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität Berlin, May 5-6, 2017
  • “Jonathan Franzen 2.0: A Metamodern Reading of Purity
    EUCOR English Tri-national PhD and Master’s Conference 2017, Universität Basel, April 7-8, 2017
  • Mad Men and the Modern Subject: Don Draper’s Quest for Identity“
    EUCOR English Tri-national PhD and Master’s Conference, Université de Strasbourg (France), April 22-23, 2016


  • Poem, Painting, Photograh: Reading the Contemporary Novel Through Its Intertexts
  • Post-Millennial Fiction
  • Introduction to Literatures in English
  • Planung und Durchführung von Forschungsprojekten
  • Shakespeare Meets Star Wars: The Bard in American Popular Culture
  • Designing and Writing an Academic Paper

Research Interests

  • Contemporary fiction (20th/21st century)
  • Sincerity and authenticity as literary and cultural phenomena
  • Auto(r)fiktion
  • Literature/Sociology
  • Shakespeare in popular culture


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