Philosophische Fakultät, Seminar für Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft, Forschung

Meinungsforschung im Entscheidungsjahr 2024

10. Jun 2024, 6.15 pm
Kommunikations- und Informationszentrum (KIZ), lecture hall 2 (C21)
Lecture series "Superwahljahr 2024" (Super election year 2024)
Universität Erfurt, Thüringer Landtag und Thüringer Allgemeine
Hermann Binkert, Managing Director of INSA-CONSULERE GmbH
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University lecture
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The joint lecture series organised by the University of Erfurt, the Thuringian state parliament and the Thüringer Allgemeine newspaper will continue in the 2024 summer semester. This time, the lectures will focus on the super election year 2024 with local elections, European elections and state elections.

The rifts in society are getting deeper. What challenges does opinion research face? What can it achieve? What should it be wary of? The founder and managing director of the Erfurt-based opinion research institute INSA, Hermann Binkert, gives an insight into the work of his institute and some exciting results.

Contact at the University of Erfurt:

Holder of the professorship for Empirical communication research / methods(Empirische Kommunikationsforschung / Methoden)
(Seminar für Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft)
C18 - Teaching building 4 / Room 212