Meet in our virtual conference lounges

We kindly invite our conference participants to meet in our virtual conference lounges. The fully linked conference programme will take you there. It can be downloaded here (all who have registered have received the password for the programme via email).

Our three lounges (Cathedral Square Lounge, Krämerbrücke Lounge, Campus Lounge) are open all day during the entire conference. They are perfect for small informal meetings during your confe­rence breaks. You will make the most of the experience if you enter with a headset.

Our lounge is open for two hours from 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

  • Although we will not be able to serve any real wine, we are offering live jazz by the Philipp Hermann Quintet right after the evening plenary on the first conference day.
  • When entering our lounge on Wednesday evening, you will find yourselves right in the concert hall. The two entrances at the bottom lead you out into our greater landscape. Have fun exploring!
  • If you do not wish to join the conference crowd in our concert hall, you can share the experience on your own directly via the Youtube channel of the quintet.

For more information on the social programme, please download our social-programme guide.