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The fifth volume of our book series "SpatioTemporality. Practices-Concepts-Media" was published by de Gruyter: Prof. Dr. Bärbel Frischmann (Erfurt) and Prof. Dr. Christian Holtorf (Coburg) (eds.): Über den Horizont: Standorte, Grenzen und Perspektiven. Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter, 2019:

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Contributions to the series "SpatioTemporality / RaumZeitlichkeit"

For the book series "SpatioTemporality / RaumZeitlichkeit" researchers are invited to hand in contributions.

The aim of the series is to establish an interdisciplinary, scientific exchange that refers to practices and concepts of the double perspective of SpatioTemporality and that is oriented towards actual theoretical approaches. Spatiality and Temporality are considered as constructs that are in historical and contemporary contexts in a direct correlation between each other.

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The Erfurt SpaceTime Research Group was founded in 2011. The fundamental assumption behind its work is that spatiality and temporality, both viewed as socio-cultural constructions, are inseparable in daily life and thus should not be divided in the analysis of life practices. We are not only looking at conceptions of space and time or their place in the history of ideas. We are also interested in how space and time are constructed and treated in and by those very life practices.

Apart from various individual projects, Erfurt SpatioTemporal Studies concentrates on the following five fields of research: Theories and Theoreticians of SpatioTemporality, SpatioTemporality of Politics, Aesthetics of SpatioTemporality, Knowledge and SpatioTemporality, SpatioTemporality of Religion.

Interested colleagues as well as institutional cooperation partners are very welcome to join our research group.

News from the Erfurt SpaceTime Research Group

Members from the Erfurt research group “SpaceTime” procured about 420.000 Euros for the research project "Was ist westlich am Westen?"

The University of Erfurt promotes the project with a tender of doctoral studies. You can find the press statement here.


In summer 2017 the University of Erfurt recognized the ERZ after a selection procedure as one out of four research groups within the university and therefore as one of its most central research stakeholders. Continue to its profile and to the research stakeholders of the university.


Scholarships and improved opportunities for getting support at the University of Erfurt:

There is a large range of support possibilities by the University of Erfurt that can be made use of in addition to the offers of the Erfurt SpaceTime Research Group.

The offerings are designed for a wide range of occasions – e.g. scholarships for researchers, that do their doctorate in its final stage or under the condition of a serious disease.

You can find more information here.

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