Coaching for Postdoctoral Researchers and University Lecturers

[Translate to English:] Das Wort Coaching mit Scrabblesteinen

Postdoctoral researchers and university lecturers have the opportunity to apply for an individual coaching. Please use the online form under "Registration" for a coaching enquiry.

Either career coaching or teacher coaching can be requested.

Please note the information on target groups and the procedure before applying for coaching.

Most coaching sessions take place online. If you would like to have a coaching session in person, please let us know separately.

Coaching categories

Career Coaching

Career coaching is intended to support and strengthen postdocs (from submission of the dissertation; at least one year at UE) and university lecturers in their academic career planning. Career coaching can deal with a wide range of topics related to the academic career, for example

  • Career planning
  • Reconciling an academic career and family
  • Taking on leadership tasks
  • Crises in the research process and how to overcome them
  • Self-positioning/ strengthening self-confidence in the work context
  • Improving self- and time management
  • Creating a healthy work-life balance
  • Special challenges of cooperative doctorates

The coaching pool also includes coaches who specialise in career coaching for women.

Teacher Coaching

The teaching coaching can be taken up by postdoctoral researchers with teaching experience and by university lecturers. It involves coaching with a particular focus on didactic content. Topics can include:

  • Reflection and professionalisation of one's own teaching behaviour
  • Reflection on one's own role
  • Long-term optimisation of one's own teaching planning and implementation
  • Positioning in the faculty
  • Finding suitable formats

Target groups and procedure

Target groups

Postdoctoral researchers are persons who have submitted their dissertation. In addition, a stay at the University of Erfurt of at least one year should be guaranteed. For the teacher coaching, you should also already have teaching experience.
University lecturers refers to teachers from the postdoc phase onwards. In addition to professors and junior professors, teaching staff for special tasks who work at the University of Erfurt for a longer period of time (at least 3 semesters) and lecturers who are members of the University of Erfurt in accordance with § 21 Para. 1 Sentence 4 ThürHG can also take advantage of teaching coaching.

In addition, doctoral candidates who do a cooperative doctorate can apply for individual coaching.
(cooperation between the University of Erfurt and the University of Applied Sciences or cooperation between the University of Erfurt and a non-university research institution). The focus of the coaching should be on the special challenges of cooperative doctorates.



If you are interested in a coaching, please fill out the form below "Request for an individual coaching".
After receiving your request we will inform you whether a coaching can take place. If we accept your request, you will receive suggestions from us as to who could be a possible coach. You contact your favorite for a meeting (several potential coaches can also be contacted). Afterwards you tell us your preference and we will take care of the contractual arrangements. As soon as this is done, you can arrange appointments with the coach.

5 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each can be financed.
Simultaneous claiming of a career coaching and a teaching coaching is possible.
The application for another coaching from the same category (career/teaching coaching) is possible 12 months after the completion of a first coaching. However, these must be on different topics.

After all sessions you hand in the documentation formto us.

You can take the entire coaching process from this chart.

Your request will of course be treated with absolute confidentiality both during the application and the coaching process!

Documents that you can use for the coaching:

Preparation for the Coaching

Coaching Agreement


Request for individual coaching
Please note that an individual coaching includes up to 5 sessions (60 minutes each).
Data protection information Please note the protection information for Coachings (only available in German).


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