University of Erfurt

Research and Researching at Erfurt University

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Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Kranemann

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Kranemann

Staff Unit ProUni – Research and Graduate Service

Head of the Unit | Strategy

Dr. Katharina Held

Verwaltungsgebäude, Raum 0.31

    Secretary’s office

    Angela Hanske

    Verwaltungsgebäude, Raum 0.33

    Monday – Friday, 8-12 AM

      Advice on funding applications (Germany | EU)

      Benjamin Sippel

      Verwaltungsgebäude, Raum 0.32

      Advice on funding application (internal | digital humanities)

      Dr. Katrin Ott

      Verwaltungsgebäude, Room 0.32

      Research Service | Research funding

      Julia Anijärv

      Verwaltungsgebäude, Raum 0.33

        Advice on funding applications | EU Coordinator - seconded to ministry

        Margrit Elsner

        Margrit Elsner is on leave up until Juli 31. Her substitutes are Dr. Katrin Ott and Benjamin Sippel.

        Advice on doctoral studies

        Nancy Weidl

        Verwaltungsgebäude, Raum 0.32

        Graduate Service | Fellowships

        Franziska Frank

        Verwaltungsgebäude Raum 0.33

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