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Erfurt University is highly committed to extending the results of its research into the public domain. The University wishes to address and inform citizens and journalists by means of publications, targeted press and PR work, and numerous public events.

Insights into Research at Erfurt University


The Forschungsnewsletter (Research Newsletter) offers insight into current projects, events and other important developments at the University of Erfurt.

The Fördernews (Newsletter for Funding Sources) provides monthly information on national and European tenders and on the offers of in-house research and graduate funding opportunities.

To subscribe to one or both newsletters, please send an e-mail to:

CAMPUS Magazine

You can also read news and insights around the subject of research at Erfurt University in the Research section of the university magazine CAMPUS 

Pool of Experts for Journalists

Experts at Erfurt University research and teach on the utmost variety of socially-relevant themes. They are happy to make their skills and knowledge available to journalists and representatives of the press in the context of interviews and conversations. The Academic Communications team helps to locate the appropriate experts by means of its Pool of Experts 



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