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Future Center: Eisenach application one round ahead in the competition

In the competition for the "Future Center for German Unity and European Transformation", the application of the city of Eisenach has advanced one round. Scientists from the University of Erfurt support the application with their technical expertise.

With the planned Future Center, the federal government wants to honor the experience of the East Germans with change and upheaval. The federal government plans to invest 200 million euros in the project, and about 200 jobs are to be created. The center will be a scientific institute and a venue for meetings and events. A competition for locations is currently taking place.

In addition to the University of Erfurt, other partners from science and culture are supporting the Eisenach application: the Wartburg Foundation, the "Duale Hochschule Gera-Eisenach", the University of Mannheim, the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, the Point Alpha Research Institute and the Point Alpha Academy. "With colleagues from various disciplines ranging from history to education and from political science to social science, the University of Erfurt is supporting the Eisenach project with a great deal of expertise," explains historian Professor Christiane Kuller. "Whether in the 'Research Network Dictatorship Experience and Transformation' or with our Oral History Research Unit - we have undertaken extensive research in recent years and created a network, which would be extremely significant for a future center such as the one now planned by the federal government. It could not only put its future work on a secure scientific footing, but also significantly promote it."