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Invitation to the Coaching Day for Postdocs and University Teachers

As part of its Academic Career and Qualification Programme, the University of Erfurt is offering a coaching day for postdocs and university lecturers on 22 September.

On this day, postdocs and university teachers can get a taste of coaching. They can register for either career coaching or teaching coaching and book an hour to get to know the coach and talk about their concerns. Afterwards, they can decide whether they want to sign up for a regular one-to-one coaching session (5 hours of 60 minutes each).

For more information on the target group, coaches, bookable times and registration, please visit: www.uni-erfurt.de/en/research/academic-career/academic-career-and-qualification-programme/workshop-detail/coaching-tag-fuer-postdoktorandinnen-und-hochschullehrende.