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University of Erfurt publishes new "An-Institut" regulations

The University of Erfurt has published new "An-Institut" regulations for 30 June 2022. They regulate all matters required for the recognition of institutions as "institutes at the University of Erfurt" (so-called "An-Institute").

"An-Institute" serve to promote cooperation between industry or institutions of academic education and universities. Legally independent academic institutions outside the university which conduct research in close cooperation with the university or provide additional services in the area of academic education can be recognised as such an "An-Institut". It is intended to complement or expand the spectrum of research and teaching at the university, but differs from institutes as a "sub-unit" of the university as well as from the institutes of scientific organisations.

Recognition as an An-Institute requires an application to the President, which can be submitted to the President's Office (Dr Katharina Held).

The new regulations on the recognition of institutions as an "Institute at the University of Erfurt" have been published in the University of Erfurt's Gazette of Promulgation as of 30.06.2022 and can be viewed on the university's website (in German only).

The background to the current referral was the aspiration of the Point Alpha e.V. research institute to become such an "An-Institut" of the University of Erfurt. With the order, a legal basis has now been created for a corresponding application as well as possible further applications in the future.