University of Erfurt

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Japankarte HassensteinsHermann Ebbinghaus LaborSeminarsituation im Pagenhaus (Forschungszentrum Gotha)

Erfurt University is a reform university of the humanities, with its own academic profile in the area of the cultural and social sciences. This is reflected in its research activities, which, alongside the University’s three research foci focusses on "Education, School, and Behaviour", "Religion, Society, and World Relations", and "Knowledge, Spaces, and Media" currently exploit further cross-disciplinary pathways, opening up promising new areas of research. Since 3 July 2019 the University of Erfurt is part of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - DFG).

Erfurt University sets out to meet the great social challenges of our time, and is committed to international academic collaboration, in the sense of global participation in knowledge and academic endeavor. The University sets benchmarks in fundamental research, and strives to extend academic insights into society at large. It is to this end that the four faculties, the Max Weber Center for cultural studies and the social sciences, and the Gotha research facilities, contribute their multifaceted, structural and task-oriented approach to the overall concept, facilitating research of an interdisciplinary, international, and collaborative character. Erfurt University lays particular emphasis on academic freedom and the encouragement of the new generation of academics. With the establishment of an Erfurt Research School, the University therefore intends to create a service structure that will provide for quality enhancement in all types of doctoral and post-doctoral study.




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