Research Application Management and advice

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When preparing applications for third-party funding, the team of the Research and Graduate Services offers the following to support scientists who want to realize their project at the University of Erfurt:

Research Application Management and deadlines:

  • Advice on the conceptual design of your application,
  • Examination of the application regarding formal correctness and suitability for the funding format,
  • Support with budget calculation,
  • Assistance with the submission and
  • Exploration of alternative application formats.

If you are planning to apply for third-party funding, please inform the Research and Graduate Service about your project in good time, but at least four weeks before the planned submission. This period of time is necessary to allow sufficient time for consultation and, if necessary, for obtaining approval/signatures from the university management. If the University of Erfurt plans or requires its own contribution or funds for the implementation of the project, it is essential that the is involved at an early stage.

For initial information, please use the form (PDF) available under Research Services and send it to

Space requirements for your third-party funded project

In order to ensure that you and, if necessary, your employees can be provided with suitable workplaces in good time at the start of the project, it is essential that you are informed about and agree on your requirements as early as possible - during the application stage. Please inform the about your foreseeable requirements using the appropriate form and also seek consultation with your responsible faculty or research institution.

Further information, leaflets and guidelines concerning the application process are available under Research Services (Forschungsservice)

Research Data Management

Digital research data, their organisation, reusability and archiving are becoming increasingly important in the planning, implementation and publication of research projects in all scientific disciplines: Research data management is therefore an important aspect in all project steps from application planning, implementation of a research project and publications to the subsequent use of the resulting research data.

Research data management at the University of Erfurt, is part of the competence network Research Data Management at Thuringian universities, embedded in state and national developments and enables coordination on international trends in the field of research data management.

Service office Research Data Management: Anne Lehmann

Digital Humanities

The University of Erfurt is pursuing the goal of stimulating and supporting the development of research in the humanities and cultural sciences, which is increasingly digitally supported.

Digital methods enable faster, more effective and more precise results. They can be used to carry out research questions that would not be possible without digital methods. This opens up new questions, but also new methodological considerations.

Digital Humanities is thus specifically about the development, application and systematic research of digital techniques, methods and media to answer questions in the humanities. Related terms are eHumanities (= enhanced Humanities), digital humanities, Computing in the Humanities.

Digital Humanities Coordination Office: Dr. Katrin Ott



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