Registration for the language courses

  • Winter Semester 2022/23: to be announced
  • German courses in Course Catalogue ("Additional Language Studies > ZS 801- Language Courses > ZS 801-SprK de")

Which German course can I attend?

German Intensive Course

  • The German Intensive Course takes place in the semester breaks before winter semesters (September/October) and summer semesters (March/April).
  • It is a four-week course exclusively targeted at international students of the University of Erfurt.
  • Prior to the course you have to take an assessment test.


When does the next Intensive Course take place?

The next Intensive Course takes place from September 12, 2022 to October 7, 2022.


Who can attend the course?

The course is targeted at:

  • international exchange students at the beginning of their exchange studies at the University of Erfurt (priority)
  • international students enrolled in Master programmes of the University of Erfurt that are taught in English (from the 2nd semester) and PhD

The course will be divided into three groups:

Intensive Course A1
for international students without prior knowledge of the German language

Intensive Course A2.1
for international students who aim at basic knowledge of the German language

Intensive Course B1.1
for international students who aim at interim knowledge of the German language  

Where can you register?

  • International exchange students: International Office
  • International Master students or PhD: Ms. Kraut-Stuber
    Please add to your email the following informations:
    • name
    • status (full-time student, PhD) and Matriculation number
    • study programme and semester in Erfurt (newly arrived student in Erfurt = 1st semester)
    • current German language level (self-assessment, German Courses attended so far, certificates)
    • Which course do you want to attend?

Important information about the Intensive Course

  • four hours of German daily in the mornings in same-level groups of participants
  • Upon regular participation, completion of all course work assignments and after successfully passing the final exam you will receive 6 Credit Points (ECTS).