University of Erfurt

About us

StuRa is the highest representative student council of the Erfurt University, consisting of 17 students elected from all faculties.

The structure of StuRa counts on a director board of 3 members elected internally and different departments, responsible for the everyday tasks. Each department counts, usually, on two members of the StuRa. Every student is free to participate voluntarily in any of the departments except Finance (Budget). If you are interested in joining, you can contact the responsible head of the department who can provide further information and will most definitely appreciate any help. The newest information on each department will be discussed during each StuRa assembly.


The StuRa meets once a week, every Wednesday at 8pm in the room between “Glasbox” and the Studentenwerk building. All students of the University can take part in this meeting.


Our goals


  • Work constructively to represent the students interests;
  • Ensure a well-structured, professional and transparent work of the Council;
  • Actively create a good environment and cooperation between Student Councils, students’ initiatives and University staff;
  • Improve relations between Student Councils and the Faculties;
  • Development of activities, projects and social programs at the University;
  • Develop and stimulate the debate among students, about high educational issues that affects their everyday life;
  • Support international students;
  • Support those students facing difficult social situations;
  • Support student initiatives and projects;
  • Promote further an international academic curriculum;
  • Support students’ interests regarding difficulties in “Studium Fundamentale”.

To achieve these goals, we count on your initiative, creativity and support! All Students are welcomed to work as a volunteer in StuRa. Have a look at our website and feel free to approach any member of the StuRa. Together, we reach more!



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