University of Erfurt

University-level policy

The department for policies on university-level (HoPo) engages in issues and questions of policy on higher education - on a large and small scale. It fights against cost-cutting measures of the government and keeps an eye on every single lecturer if necessary.

Hopo coordinates the cooperation with other student representatives at other bodies of the Erfurt University (e.g. faculty councils and university's senate). The central goal of the department is an improvement of the current living and study conditions of students.

Furthermore, HoPo sends delegates to the  Conference of Student Councils in Thüringen (Konferenz Thüringer Studierendenschaften - KTS). The committee consists of student representatives from every Thuringian University. This way it is the central representation of all stundents in the state of Thuringia.

University-level policy matters to everybody! That is why the members of the department depend on the contribution and collaboration of the students. If you notice any injustice on campus please do not hesitate and contact us via e-mail. If you are interested in realizing own projects you are invited to work with us!




Jonas Hofmann

Deputy Director:

Lennart Koch

Delegates to the KTS:

Carla Büttner, Donata Vogtschmidt

deputy delegates:

Miriam Becker, Yannic Beissmann, Jonas Hofmann, Laura Lehne, Luca Schiewe, Hannah Schneider





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