The rail (DB Regio) semester ticket


  • The price of the ticket is the base amount (price of the 2009 ticket) + a price increase of approx. 2% per year.
    Thus, the price in the summer semester 2021 is notionally €66.26 at A locations.
  • DB's final offer provides for a "start" at €66.00 and then a rise in fees at the A locations of €2.50 p.a. until 2024.
    The price development of the offer can be found in the adjacent table.
  • With the acceptance of the offer, an e-ticket will also be introduced, which will be integrated into the Thoska. The e-ticket will enable electronic control instead of the visual control that has been customary up to now.
  • There was no willingness on the part of the state to support the student negotiators in their demands for favourable conditions for students in Thuringia. The DB has also shown little willingness to accommodate students' offers.
  • The ticket can be rejected by individual student bodies and would continue to affect all others (example: FSU Jena rejects the DB ticket. Students at FSU Jena can no longer use regional trains with their semester ticket, but students at other universities, e.g. the University of Erfurt, can).
  • If the rail semester ticket is rejected, this automatically leads to the rejection of the VMT semester ticket. This cannot exist on its own - but the rail semester ticket can.

The offer of the DB (for A-locations)

Semester Price %-Development
WiSe 21/22 66,00 € -
SoSe 22 68,50 € 3,79 %
WiSe 22/23 68,50 € -
SoSe 23 71,00 € 3,65 %
WiSe 23/24 71,00 € -
SoSe 24 73,50 € 3,52 %

Voting text

Rail Semester Ticket:

I agree to the following conditions of the "Semesterticket Thüringen" (DB regio-Ticket):

  • The price of the "Semesterticket Thüringen" will develop according to the published price table over the contract period of three years and
  • the e-ticket will be introduced as a travel authorisation card and integrated into the Thoska, and
  • the contract will be extended beyond the three-year contract period set out in the table by one year at a time with an annual price increase corresponding to the percentage development of the monthly student ticket + 0.5%.


The rail (DB Regio) semester ticket

The “Semesterticket Thüringen” has existed at all Thuringian universities since 2009 and is based on a contract between the Studierendenwerk Thüringen, as the contractual partner for the student bodies, and DB Regio AG, as the representative of the railway companies (DB Regio, Erfurter Bahn, Abellio, Süd-Thüringen-Bahn and Vogtlandbahn). 

The rail ticket is valid on local trains (RE, RB) on all DB Regio routes to the last stop of the respective train in Thuringia. The rail ticket is only valid up to the state border if an adjacent state ticket (Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Hesse, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt) is purchased for the onward journey. Students’ own children (up to and including 14 years of age) may travel free of charge. The exact conditions can be found at Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

Base amount, negotiations, price increase - KTS has summarised in a flyer how the negotiations went, what the result is and what this means for us now:

Flyer semester ticket (German)

Flyer semester ticket (English) 

We have also summarised the most important questions. You can find the FAQ here:

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