Candidates for the by-election for the High Student Council (StuRa)

The candidates for the by-election of the 22nd High Student Council can be found here as an overview and further down in the table.

Download Candidate overview

To get a better overview over the candidates and what they want to implement in the StuRa, candidates can fill out short profiles and questionnaires. In these questionnaires they briefly describe who they are, what they do and how they want to represent your interests at the university.

This semester, we will also introduce you to the students who want to get involved in the individual student councils and represent your interests there. These students can also fill out a short profile and questionnaire. You can find the FSR candidates here.

Overview of the candidates

Felix Walter Erziehungswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Herbert Schneider Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät
Shaimaa Abdellah Philosophische Fakultät
Laura Heinloth Philosophische Fakultät
Xiaoji Song Philosophische Fakultät
Marko Malis Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Lisa-Mia Tausend Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Ahmed Negm Willy Brandt School
Athar Farooq Willy Brandt School