Candidates Board Elections 2021

The candidates for the board elections can be found here in tabular form.

In order to get a better overview of the different people and what they want to do in the different committees, the candidates can fill out short profiles and questionnaires. They briefly describe who they are, what they do and how they want to continue to represent your interests at the university.

This semester, we will also introduce you to the students who want to be active for you in the individual student councils and in the StuRa and who will represent your interests there. They can also fill out a short profile and questionnaire. You can find the StuRa candidates here and the FSR candidates here.

The profiles will be removed from the homepage after the election.

Overview of the candidates


Senate (Students)

Jonas Hofmann (Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät)

Lennart Koch (Philosophische Fakultät)

Richard Schwenn (Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät)

Moritz Thier (Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät)

Faculty Council EW

Faculty Council Faculty of Education (Students)

Antonia Stock


Faculty Council StaWi

Faculty Council Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences (Students)

Konstantin Auwärter

Moritz Thier

Faculty Council Philo

Faculty Council Faculty of Philosophy (Students)

Maik Alexandi

Clara Windhorst

Faculty Council Kath.-Theo.

Faculty Council Faculty of Catholic Theology

Clemens Ulbricht

Franziska Weber

Kollegrat MWK

Collegiate Council MWK (Students)

Lukas Meisner

Devmini Malka Wijeratne

Student Employees Council

Student Employees Council

Meike Katzek


Doctoral students' representation

Doctoral students' representation (Faculty of Education)

Jana Asberger

Holger Futterleib

Doctoral students' representation (Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences)

Madeleine Böhm 

Lena Burth

Doctoral students' representation (Faculty of Philosophy)

Leonie Otten


Doctoral students' representation (MWK)

Lukas Meisner