Candidates for the FSR elections

The candidates for this semester's FSR elections can be found here as an overview and below in tabular form.

Download overview of candidates

To give you a better overview of the different candidates and what they want to achieve in their FSR, the candidates have the opportunity to fill out short profiles and questionnaires. They briefly describe who they are, what they do and how they want to continue to represent your interests at the university.

This semester, we will also introduce you to the students who want to be active in the StuRa election and represent your interests there. They can also fill out a short profile and questionnaire. You can find the StuRa candidates for the election here.

The profiles will be removed from the homepage after the election.

Overview of the candidates for the student councils

FSR Communication Studies

FSR Communication Studies: by-election - max. 4 places

Pauline Hille

Erik Koppenhagen

Alma Melzer

Meike Rößler

FSR Philosophy

FSR Philosophy: Election - max. 5 places

Franziska Bergholtz

Hannes Lietz

Julia Elise Schmidt

FSR Primary and Elementary Education

FSR Primary and Elementary Education: Election - max. 9 places

Ricarda Flechsig

Wiebke Güldenpenning

Wiebke Kämmer

Sophia Kirste

Rosina Klimpel

Jenny Kutzer

Celina Möbius

FSR Technology

FSR Technology: By-election - max. 2 places

Anika Sengewald