By-election for the 22nd High Student Council (StuRa) & student council (FSR) elections

Results for the by-election of the 22nd StuRa and the elections of the student councils

The results are visible after you have logged into the intranet (top right under "Quicklinks")!


Information on data protection and the procedure of the elections

Example entry
Example entry in the electoral directory (above) and in the transmission to POLYAS (bottom)

The elections, just as in the summer semester, will be held online from 16th Dec. 2020, 12 p.m., till 18th Dec.2020, 12 p.m

The login to the platform can be found here: [activated by 16. Dec., 12 p.m.]

In the following, we will give you further information concering the protection of personalized data.

For the Online-Elections, please use the link above.
You will be redirected to the IDM-User-platform of the URMZ, on which you log in with you usual login data. The system registers you have been authorized, shows you the SecureLink and redirects you to the online ballots.
Before and after the election period, you will be directed to the homepage of the IDM-user-platform. There you will see a hint of the election, but you can't register yet/anymore.

The SecureLink
During the online-election, no personalized data will be transmitted by the StuRa or the University to the provider of the service, POLYAS. The whole process is anonymized.
The Voter-ID has been generated and encrypted by the URMZ before the elections. The encrypted voter-ID as well as the Voters-group tags will be given to the provider POLYAS via the DFN-Cloud. The URMZ has created a unique SecureLink for every voter. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the election is secret and the provider cannot establish any personal reference.
Below you can see which data we use and which are transmitted. 
Only the color-bordered data from the second table is transmitted. In the selection process to find a provider, the electoral board has applied all reasonable caution. The voting system POLYAS CORE 2.2.3. meets all criteria for secret online-elections and has been certified by the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI).

If you have any questions, you can contact

We hope you will cast your vote!

General information


The by-election for the 22nd High Student Council of the University of Erfurt and the elections for the student councils will take place from December 16th, 2020 (12:00 p.m.) to December 18th, 2020 (12:00 p.m.) as an (internet-based) electronic election.

You can find the election announcements, nomination forms and a schedule below.

The candidates will be presented from December 2nd. on the accompanying pages.

Election announcements and nominations

Details can be found in the election announcements for the StuRa by-electionand for the FSR elections.

Nominations can be submitted by e-mail or using a form (which can be filled out on the computer!). Please make sure that you fill out the form completely.

Proposal form for the StuRa by-election

Nomination form for the FSR elections (please note that you select the respective FSR in the drop-down menu or enter it manually according to the list in the election announcement!)

Since so many have asked: Of course you can also propose yourself! Just sign everywhere yourself.


11/18/2020 Opening of the electoral register
11/25/2020 Closing of the electoral register
(Should you make use of your passive right to vote, check whether you are registered in the correct constituency. As a rule, this is the faculty of the main study area.)
11/18/2020 -
4 p.m.
Submission and proposal of a candidacy
until 12/02/2020,
4 p.m.
Adoption of the nomination
4 p.m.
Announcement of the candidates
12/02/2020 Application for postal voting documents
from 12/09/2020 Delivery of electronic voting documents
12/16/2020, 12pm -
18/12/2020, 12pm
casting of votes (online)
until 12/18/2020, 12 pm acceptance of postal voting documents
12/18/2020 Announcement of the results