How to take part?

1. Where to start?

At the beginning you concretize your project with a proposal. The form for the proposal is activated online for the respective semester or made available for collection in the office. Proposals can be submitted to the student council until the deadline (see procedure).
A sample of the form for orientation can be found here.
The current form can be downloaded here during the submission period.
Attention: Please use only the current form! Please do not use the sample!

Download current form

2. Review

Proposals received by the StuRa will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, at the latest after the submission deadline. All proposals that are suitable will be put to a vote by the StuRa. Of course, it is possible that proposals that violate, for example, the financial regulations or the financial rules will not be admitted. The rejection of proposals is justified and can be viewed by the university public.
During the proposal period - at the latest after the deadline for submission - and the review of all received proposals, a list with all proposals, a short description and the required sum will be published on the homepage and on a notice board so that all students can get an overview.
If several proposals for the use of PABU pursue essentially the same goal and are very close in content, the initiators can agree to have their proposals merged by the StuRa.
Attention: Formally this combination must be done by the StuRa! In this case, please send an email to with the subject "Merging proposals for PABU" and specify the other proposals to be merged and put their initiators in cc.
In the event that only one proposal is put to the vote, no vote will be taken and the items application and voting will be omitted. One proposal can then be re-submitted in the next semester, submitted as a financial application or submitted to the StuRa under the budget title "Investments" (see Implementation).

3. Promotion of the proposals

The campus should be a place where people feel comfortable. Therefore, please refrain from an "aggressive election campaign" and do not harass your fellow students! It would also be great if you would refrain from promotung suggestions during the courses so that the teaching process is not affected. In case of violation of a fair competition, the StuRa has the right not to consider the proposal anymore. The channels, which are equally available to all, should be used. Tables and benches can be borrowed at the StuRa! However, it is not possible to print or laminate advertising posters or flyers at the StuRa office. The voting itself and the list with all proposals will be advertised centrally via StuRa on all usual channels online and offline anyway.
In addition, if possible, the date of the semesterly general meeting will be placed within the period of application. Many other formats are conceivable to make the proposals known in a goaloriented and constructive way (events, panel discussions, Market of Opportunities, etc.).

Currently the restrictions in the context of infection protection are of utmost importance and have to be respected!

4. Voting

After the list with all proposals has been published and has been available for at least one week, a vote is taken by the StuRa. Although this vote is not legally binding in its execution, it represents a stimulating opinion. During the voting, every student has the opportunity to vote for his/her favorite (1 vote per student). Members of the student body who have submitted their own proposal may not act as voting assistants or voting directors.

We are currently investigating how the voting can take place in a secure way this semester.

5. Implementation

After the end of the vote, the proposal with the most votes is presented again in the next possible StuRa meeting. The StuRa then takes a decision on whether to support the proposal. In cases in which violations of applicable law or problems with responsibilities (e.g. construction projects) only become known after the vote, the StuRa reserves the right to decide on the second placed proposal or not to call the PABU at all. In such a case a transparent communication with the proposer and the student body takes place. The veto right of the financial department is of course also unaffected.
Decisions are made within the framework of a public meeting of the StuRa. When this meeting will take place will be announced in time via the usual StuRa channels. In addition, the agendas of the upcoming meetings can be viewed on the homepage.

Can I also submit my project via a financing application?

In general, every student can submit a financial application for his/her projects and ideas. This is especially useful if the PABU time frame is too long. The chances and aspects of both procedures have to be weighed up according to the respective proposal.
PABU proposals that have not been implemented can be submitted again via a financial application.
However, a project cannot be submitted simultaneously as a proposal and a financial application. If a PABU proposal should be submitted as a financial request or vice versa, it is possible to drop a proposal or financial request.

Any questions?

During office hours, general questions can be answered by the office staff; in addition, all questions can be sent at any time to with the subject "Participatory Budget".